Lite Attar Bijoux Du Bois
Lite Attar Bijoux Du Bois
Lite Attar Bijoux Du Bois

Lite Attar

Attars can be considered as the purest essences of fine perfumery, and their usage dates back thousands of years. Made only from natural oils, with no added alcohol, attars are popular around the world, most notable in the Middle East, where they are strongly favoured over modern perfume sprays.

Like a fine wine, attars improve with age, and are as timeless and uninhibited as their permanent shelf-life would suggest.

Attars develop in both complexity and intensity as they mature, bringing subtle nuances of both scent and texture as they transform and augment their profiles. Fragrance Du Bois’ lite attars are gentle and subtle, providing ultimate fragrance experiences, but with a lightness of tone and expression that cannot fail to delight both the wearer and the beholder.

Distilled from the juices of flowers, herbs and spices, Fragrance Du Bois’ lite attars are 100% pure, natural, and alcohol free. Despite their high concentration, they are blended conscientiously and with remarkable subtlety, to exhibit the characteristics of the finest ingredients on earth, without being overpowering.

At once rich and delicate, Fragrance Du Bois’ lite attars are long lasting and irresistible – the very essence of essences – and unlike eaux de parfums, do not dissipate when applied, or even over time. They only improve, and moisturise the skin with a fragrance born from nature itself.

Fragrance Du Bois’ lite attars are the ultimate in olfactory self-expression, and represent the raw, basic form of each profile that we offer in our Shades and Privé ranges.

Presented in their own, gorgeous, velvet boxes, lite attars are only available at Fragrance Du Bois’ exclusive boutiques.

True to the abiding spirit of Fragrance Du Bois, our lite attars wholeheartedly embrace our mantra of ‘luxury with a conscience’.